Yoni Bead

From today on you can order a sweet little Yoni Bead, it will fit and bracelet with a width under 5mm. It’s finished with sterling silver bead ends that are gorgeous and fit perfectly, complementing the incredible craftWOMANship of Tania from House of Molds in Italy.

During the design process I was asked ‘how small?’ I said I wanted a Yoni to fit on a European Bead. Tania is so talented she created a unique one of a kind mold for me and I couldn’t love it more.

So, what can you include in a Yoni Bead?

Menstrual Blood was my first thought for this bead, but who am I to say what connects each individual to their Yoni. So you may include what ever your heart desires (as long as it’s dry or can be dried xx)

Crushed crystal is something I love to include in most of my pieces but especially a Yoni piece.


Much Love


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