Boobie Soap

How incredible is Breastmilk 💕

Full Circle Nurture DNA Jewellery and Verity -SKIN FOOD have collaborated to offer Breastmilk Soap

It is incredible, it has no nasties, fragrance free and made locally by Rose Eve in Toowoomba.

Any amount of Breastmilk can be used so if you have ample supply or little supply you can definitely have Breastmilk soap made.

The colour is divine

My sensitive skinned boys are loving their ‘Boobie soap’ and their scrapes and bruises from being ‘Captain Risky’ and’Dangermouse’ are healing so much faster now we use this soap.

Breastmilk needs to be frozen or at the very lease cold to be turned into soap, this is so any bacteria that may develop from being left in the elements won’t be passed on to the soap and then onto baby.

So local collection is fine, but if you live outside of Toowoomba a courier and some well packaged dry ice will do the trick too.

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