Welcome to Full Circle Nurture
DNA Jewellery

Emma at Full Circle Nurture DNA Jewellery is a local artisan who creates stunning silver keepsake jewellery.

Full Circle Nurture DNA Jewellery will custom hand make jewellery with Breastmilk, Hair, Teeth, Placenta Powder, Umbilical Cord Stump, Yolk Sac from your baby’s Placenta, Cord Blood, Blood, Ash, Fingernails, Pet Hair and Ash, Fabric, Small Beading, Dried Flowers, Sand and Soil and Menstrual Blood.
Each piece is uniquely designed to create a memory that you can forever hold and cherish, and because each piece is handcrafted it is unable to be duplicated, making your jewellery truly one of a kind .

A little bit of info about Handcrafted DNA resin Jewellery Because each piece is handcrafted, rather than by machine, you may notice some quite common variations in your piece, include small air bubbles, molding lines, variations in placements, and evidence of hand shaping or sanding and molding parts of your jewellery. Please don’t worry these are part of what makes your piece one of a kind.

My promise to you is that your precious inclusion, whatever it is will be treated in the most respectful and loving way. I promise that ONLY YOUR inclusions will go into your keepsake piece and I promise to only work with your inclusions at that time of crafting for you.  PLEASE DO NOT send any inclusion in it’s entirety. While I do my best to send back all remaining inclusions, sometimes there simply is no leftover amount or the inclusion has been powdered to accommodate the keepsake.

Any inclusions not used making you a piece, such as ashes will be returned to you with your piece.

Refund Policy: Due to the nature of these keepsakes refunds are not offered, nor are cancellations possible once the creation for your piece has begun. If materials to create your piece have been purchased, there will be no refund issued. If you receive your piece and are concerned regarding the quality, please contact me within three days regarding your concerns. Please email specific concerns and pictures to [email protected]

I hold a Blood Borne Pathogens Certification to handle blood and blood products safely.