Hi My name is Emma Mogg

I am a wife to my best friend, and the most supportive person in my life. We created 8 incredibly beautiful children, 4 we are blessed to watch grow and 4 we hold in our hearts.

I’m a mad breast-feeding mama, a postnatal depressing and perinatal depression warrior and arsekicker and just a scrappy playful loving person. I love coffee, chocolate and crochet. I love my journey and appreciate each and every beautiful soul that crosses my path.

I have a need to constantly push what is ‘acceptable’ or ‘Normal’ If you know me personally then you know full well I don’t do normal, my sense of humor is…. different and I talk openly about things that some don’t feel comfortable either hearing, seeing or doing.

My journey to Full Circle Nurture DNA Jewellery started with the decision to have my youngest son’s placenta encapsulated. My postpartum recovery after a birth complication and huge blood loss was surprisingly fantastic and I owed it to consuming my placenta. I knew then I needed to offer placenta encapsulation to as many mothers as I could.

So, I enrolled in a placenta art certifying course and I was on my way. I am now a placenta Encapsulation specialist in Toowoomba Queensland and I’m an absolute placenta nerd.

I’m currently certifying as a bereavement doula and enjoying filling my ‘tool kit’ of skills with amazing things to help families preserve precious life (and death) moments.

Now I am an accredited DNA jewellery artisan which was such a natural step for me to take, I especially love crafting menstrual blood into beautiful pieces. Embracing all that it is to be a woman is a vital step on the journey to self-love.

At Full Circle Nurture DNA Jewellery I preserve breastmilk and DNA and soul craft it into love laced wearable jewellery, beautiful, sparkling, colourful jewellery. The kind of thing that makes people say ‘oooooh what is that?’ ‘Where did you get that?’

I want people to be proud of their journey, honor the pieces that made the whole that you are today.

I lovingly preserve precious items, DNA and memories into stunning wearable, holdable jewellery and keepsakes. All of the DNA inclusions (and non-DNA) I treat with the highest level of respect, I respect that these pieces are special to you and are precious and one of a kind. I will honor them as such. I’m so excited to be starting this journey with all of you.