Forever Fishing

You don’t need DNA to have an incredibly meaningful memorial keepsake made to signify your love and connection to a loved one passed.

This Wire Wrapped Crystal is for my mum to commemorate my Grandad who we said goodbye to two winters ago.

He was known for being a keen fisherman and an exceptional gardener, he could grow anything and make it thrive. As for fishing, he was the best! He knew all the best spots and had his favourite, Albany WA had the most stunning beaches of pristine white sand.

Imagine sitting on clean white sand watching the sun set over the ocean as the water sparkles with the last light of that day past. These are things you don’t forget

So my mum sent me so many sea treasures with I will share with you soon.

The Wire Wrapped Crystal and this European Bead contain my Grandad’s favourite plant, Rosemary and sand from his favourite fishing spot. Floating around in crystal clear resin resembling the crystal clear ocean waters of our west coast.

Miss you Grandad

Much Love


If you are interested in the Crystal Coastline project I am doing please use this link Crystal Coastline

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