What is staying?

This soft Mama’s Milk Pink and silver flakes are eye candy to say the least.

I adore this combination, The visible speckles of preserved breastmilk fills me with joy and pride.


The European Beads (with a 5mm core) is one offering that I will be continuing to have. However they will be called ‘Journey Beads’ a very fitting name as they honour your Journey by encapsulating a precious moment, DNA, or item within their sweet simplicity.

From August 1 the price for a Journey Bead will be $185 (GST INC) Plus Postage

Like almost every piece of hand crafted jewellery there are divine imperfections like air bubbles, sanding marks, colour variations for example, these are not because your dedicated artisan practiced poor craftWOmanship, it adds to the uniqueness of your piece so please love what you see. Hand crafted jewellery is just that HAND CRAFTED.

I was trained to MINIMISE air bubbles, minimise sanding marks and to always to my absolute best to make each piece as perfect as possible. so, this is what I do. I hold space for my client and sometimes for the soul that I am actually crafting with, I like to be 100% focused on what I am doing.

If you have a special song you would like me to have playing while I craft your piece you need only to ask, If you would like me to sing and talk to your precious soul that you have trusted me to work with I will. I can even work in complete silence and fill the space and your piece with love and positivity.

I adore my clients and I am a very open, understanding and nonjudgmental person so please feel free to ask me anything.

European Bead

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