River is a precious baby keepsake figurine that you can cherish forever. River can represent, celebrate and memorialise precious moments in your Child’s life that we all ache to hold forever.

River can immortalise our angel babies and remind us of our own strength and the never-ending love we hold for them.

River, a baby boy or baby girl can hold several inclusions, both DNA and Non DNA. Breastmilk or colostrum, hair, blood, ashes, placenta, umbilical cord, finger and toenails, semen, sand, soil, shells, flowers, seeds, feathers.

River is large enough to hold embryo straws as is and forever encapsulate them in this beautiful piece made from the highest quality resin.

The custom Full Circle Nurture DNA Jewellery silicone mold was made from the original one of a kind hand sculpted baby lovingly crafted by My Tangible Peace. The American artisan Jenn has a talent like no other, truely easing others from their grief.


Additional information

Weight 150 g
DNA Inclusion

Breastmilk, Embryo Straw/s, Hair, Teeth, Blood, Placenta Powder, Yolk Sac, Cord Stump, Menstrual Blood, Ash, fingernails, semen, Soil, Sand, Dried Flowers, Small Beading, Fabric, None, Other


Yellow Super Fine, Mega Pink Super Fine, Silver Mix, Gorgeous Green Mix, Magic Sand Gold/Beige Mix, Purple Mix, Treasured Gold Mix, (Blue)Starry Night Mix, Soft Pink Mix, Opal Fine, Opal Super Fine, None


Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Pearl, Gold, Silver, None

Flakes and Leaf

Opal Flakes, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, None

Custom Mixes

None, Blue Steel (Blue), Marble Moon (Pearl), Kaleidoscope (Rainbow), Mermaid (Purple/blue), Pink Champagne (Pink), Absinthe(Teal/green), Goldie Horn (Yellow)


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