Journey Pearl Hanging Charm


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We are all on our own journeys, sometimes they are smooth, joyful and kind to us. Sometimes our path and our guides help us become stronger with stops, challenges or separation.

‘Moving Forward’ not ‘moving on’ is something I say often and the Journey Pearl Collection is all about just that.

All these moments that we love, that we want to hold on to and continue to move with us FORWARD, I want to help you hold this piece and remind you that whatever it is you wanted to preserve in this tangible way is a sign you are stronger than before.

This 5.7mm sterling silver ring screws seamlessly into the beautiful Journey Pearl and hangs delicately on a bracelet or necklace.

Featured here with preserved Breastmilk and Teal flakes.

  • Add your choice of DNA or botanical and if you wish choose a shimmer, glitter, flake, leaf to compliment your bead collection. You could ever wear as a petite pendant.

Breastmilk, blood, placenta powder, umbilical cord, hair, ashes, sand, soil, botanical

Additional information

Weight 50 g
DNA Inclusion

Breastmilk, Hair, Teeth, Blood, Placenta Powder, Yolk Sac, Cord Stump, Menstrual Blood, Ash, fingernails, Soil, Sand, Dried Flowers, Pet Fur, Pet Ash, Small Beadind, Fabric, None


Yellow Super Fine, Mega Pink Super Fine, Silver Mix, Gorgeous Green Mix, Magic Sand Gold/Beige Mix, Purple Mix, Treasured Gold Mix, (Blue)Starry Night Mix, Soft Pink Mix, Opal Fine, Opal Super Fine, None


Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Pearl, Gold, Silver, None

Flakes and Leaf

Coral Pink Flakes, Banana Split Flakes, Opal Flakes, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, None


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