Journey Bead


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My one of a kind European Beads are smooth and shiny finish with an internal diameter of 5mm.

Lovingly crafted with the DNA or the non DNA of your choice each bead is one of a kind, and as unique as the precious inclusions it contains.

Crafted using the shimmer colour to suit you, also available are a beautiful selection of glitters, flakes, gold and silver leaf to fully customise your piece. All Finished with Sterling Sliver bead cores for added strength and style a timeless design that will compliment your collection.

Upon check out you will be sent an email to fully explain how to package your inclusion and where to sent it to, along with a questionnaire to complete and send back to help my understand your unique style. Finally a booking to have a one on one call with me to discuss what you are envisioning for your completed piece.

Breastmilk (20 to 30mL)
Hair (From you, your baby, any loved one)
Teeth (first tooth, last tooth and all that are in between)
Placenta (Dehydrated placenta powder, one capsule is plenty)
Umbilical Cord Stump
Yolk Sac from your baby’s Placenta
Cord Blood
Blood (20 to 30mL is needed…I have a Blood Borne Pathogen Certification)
Ash (1 Teaspoon of your loved ones ash is all i would need and any remaining would be returned to you)
Pet Hair and Ash
Small Beading (Like from a wedding dress)
Dried Flowers
Sand and Soil
Menstrual Blood (20 to 30mL is all I need and the results are stunningly beautiful)

Additional information

Weight 50 g
DNA Inclusion

Breastmilk, Hair, Teeth, Blood, Placenta Powder, Yolk Sac, Cord Stump, Menstrual Blood, Ash, Fingernails, Soil, Sand, Dried Flowers, Pet Fur, Pet Ash, Small Beading, Fabric


Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Pearl, Gold, Silver, None


Yellow Super Fine, Mega Pink Super Fine, Silver Mix, Gorgeous Green Mix, Magic Sand Gold/Beige Mix, Purple Mix, Treasured Gold Mix, (Blue)Starry Night Mix, Soft Pink Mix, Opal Fine, Opal Super Fine, None

Flakes and Leaf

Coral Pink Flakes, Banana Split Flakes, Opal Flakes, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, None


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