A beautiful friend who was more than a pet, he was family, he was so loved and is so very missed by his companions.

Tammie is so loving and caring, she adores her animals and treats them with all her heart and soul.

I have watched her nurse her house RM back to health when everyone else told her to give up. She knows the healing and connection humans and animals have is important.

So when her gorgeous Patty past away my heart broke for her because I know she would be hurting so deeply.

Patty (Patrick) was a much loved soul cat of our family of 5. He was nearly 10 and has been such a big source of love & comfort for our whole family. He was my anchor & my heart aches for him not being with me psychically.

He also grew up with my son who is also 10 & was always not too far from him, they were always together. They slept together, read & rested together, hence why I asked Emma to create something special for him to have a bit of Patty always close to his heart.

I can’t thank Emma enough for creating these special pieces that will enable us to have a little bit of patty with us always ❤ It has also meant so much to my son x

I made Tammie a custom oval in beautiful emerald green because she looks divine in green. Patty’s fur is delicately draped across the top of the Oval and a little hugging the side. This oval jewel is set in a sterling silver pendant I had saved that must have been for this very moment.

For Tammie’s Son I made a raw look wire wrapped crystal pendant, Patty’s fur with his beautiful tones on grey almost cover the entire top surface of the crystal. I made it Aztec gold and it complements the white and grey of Patty fur.

Much love



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